Trending Interior Designs for 2023

An indication that interior design is warming up after years of bland tones is the fact that Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year is Raspberry Blush. Expect to see more rich textures, deep jewel tones, and wood accentuating today's understated décor.

Maximalism is even being embraced by some, as evidenced by the proliferation of layered textures, vibrant patterns, and greenery. If you prefer a more subdued aesthetic, consider adding some interesting elements to your neutral décor in the upcoming year. Although not every trend is worthwhile pursuing, the following ideas are worth considering for 2023.

Further Jewel Tones

This year, rich, vibrant jewel tones are anticipated to return. Consider rich colours that bring the outside in, such as ruby reds, topaz yellows, sapphire blues, and deep tourmaline greens. Vibrant jewel tones can be used as accents in your design, but you should be aware that mixing them with less saturated hues may not work. Additionally, with jewel tones, a little goes a long way.

Tactile Elements

People will add a layered look with textures this year to give their interiors a sophisticated, high-end impression. Appeal for textures that enhance both neutral and lively colour schemes, from wall coverings to unique furniture and sumptuous accessories, to give your house a polished look. Textured fabrics, such as leather furniture, complete the appearance

Simple woodwork

Nothing warms up a room more than a beautiful piece of furniture in a rich wood tone. You might use a wonderfully crafted wood dining room set or a wood dinette set in your breakfast nook. There are many accent  pieces you can add to make your home a showpiece if you like more subtle touches. Consider sleek consoles, cabinets, and wood-framed chairs.

Insert metallics

Incorporating metallics, especially gold, into your interior decor is another option to add interest this year. The appropriate placements of sparingly used gold metal can add a sense of balance to your room without becoming overpowering. Silver and copper accents might also be effective.

Regarding Moldings

Molding for the ceiling and walls is a timeless addition to the charm of your home that will never go out of style. Consider mouldings such as substantial crown moulding, delicate dentil moulding, and ornamental moulding that can form a pattern on the walls for enhanced visual appeal.

Desolate and Somber Wall Colors

If you are tired of your white walls, use sombre and dark hues to make a bold statement. Pair with a modern sofa for a daring appearance.

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