Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Table

A coffee table is a handy must-have accessory for the living area. There is a coffee table out there for every style and price point. Create a design statement or use it as a simple accessory to hold the remote control.

Coffee tables can be found in various designs, from vintage to modern industrial. Buying a new coffee table? Here are some things to think about.

Consider Its Size

Choosing a coffee table for your living area should be done with an eye toward available floor space. Make sure you have the dimensions of your living room and, if feasible, a floor plan of your current furniture with you when you go furniture shopping.

Select a coffee table that allows for comfortable foot traffic and sufficient space for your needs (such as a stack of magazines or a laptop). Take into account the distance you'll have to travel around the coffee table to reach the sofa and other seating.

Find Your Perfect Look

A rectangular coffee table with a dark wood finish would look great in a traditional home. However, if your interior design is more modern, a coffee table with clean lines and sharp edges may be more to your liking.

Keep in mind that some interior designers advocate integrating a contrasting style into your living space in order to create more visual intrigue. Consider going for a steel and granite coffee table for a contemporary look or a mid-century modern piece with splayed legs to add visual interest to your living room.

Find the Ideal Form

Coffee tables now come in many different forms, including the traditional rectangle as well as round, square, and even freeform styles. To return to the Space Age of the 1960s, several tables feature a tapering geometric design.

With the rise in telecommuting, modern lift-top coffee tables have become increasingly commonplace. The top lifts up to allow access to concealed storage below, perfect for a laptop.

Locate the Appropriate Material

Traditional options for coffee tables include stunningly beautiful natural materials like stone and wood. While marble will bring elegance to your living room, keep in mind that it is porous and stains readily, so a family with young children may not want to use marble in their living room. Modern coffee tables are enhanced with glass, chrome, and metal.

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