Classico Roma is more than furniture. It encapsulates the art of luxurious and elegant living. With it's inception rooted in an ardent desire to bring custom-made furniture to the people of Canada. Classico Roma is devoted to be the epitome of timeless.

The brains behind the designs; Roma brings her passion, experience and the love of craft to the force in each article, meticulously made to perfection.
Introducing unprecedented and unparalleled styles, she is determined to set a new definition for aesthetics and grace with an expression that knows no bounds.


Classico Roma articles are made around the globe by the best craftsmen of their trade, and personally picked by Roma herself. Our pieces are hand crafted to perfection, creating a culmination of artistry and attention to detail. With skilled and educated designers ready to assist in the decorating of your home using our luxury furniture, lighting and decor; we promise to go above and beyond your desires.