Classico Roma



Dressed for a party, this cocktail table has a shiny marble top that offers the perfect match to a set of polished steel legs. You won’t find a piece with more sleek, modern detailing and just the right amount of shimmer.

Tables with metal tapered legs in polished steel (PS) and satin brass (SB). Top in any available natural stone finish with thin knife edge.


Love Table - High 70x50 x43 27x20 x17
Love Table - Low 70x55 x36 27x20 x14
Clover  Table - Low 70x65 x36 27x26 x14
Clover  Table - High 70x65 x43 27x26 x17
EggTable - Low 70x55 x36 27x22 x14
Egg Table - High 70x55 x43 27x22 x17

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