Unique Decorating Ideas for Sideboards and Cabinets

In almost every dining room (and even living room or entryway), the sideboard is a necessity. It also offers low-lying surface area for decorations, artwork, plants, and other things. However, there is storage under the counter for utensils, dishes, and other helpful but typically hidden serving things.

Over time, sideboards have changed as well, transitioning from being only a piece of storage to a stand-alone piece of furniture. The sideboard itself must be fashionable and in line with the interior design concept of the room, but it's also important to consider how you style it.

It is insufficient to possess a lovely sideboard and leave it unadorned with lovely accessories or family portraits. Any more than having a stylish piece that is covered with phone chargers, weeks' worth of unopened mail, and other other clutter. You need to give consideration to how you decorate your sideboard if you want it to function effectively and tastefully.

We have gathered the top six decorating suggestions for sideboards. The good news is that you can create an attractive, stylish, and fully functional sideboard unit out of either an empty space or a jumbled mess with little effort. No matter what your style is—modern, mid-century, rustic, or anywhere in between—these suggestions will fit.

Turn it On

This works well as a countertop surface area and is the ideal location for a lamp. This not only illuminates the dining area as a whole, but it may also be used to illuminate the surface of the sideboard. Any decorations or pictures will therefore be well-lit. People may also see what they're putting on their plates if you utilize your sideboard as a serving area during a dinner party or other social event. For the best results, use low wattage and delicate tones.

Complement the Tableware

The dinner table is not the sideboard, and the sideboard is not the dinner table. However, there is no reason why these two distant cousins cannot get along. Why not dress them similarly by matching the dinnerware to the sideboard's decorations and features?

Top suggestions for decorating above cabinets include keeping a tray of drinking glasses on the sideboard, using identical serving and display bowls on both pieces, or just matching the color scheme.

Large Plants

Give the Sideboard a clean and natural aesthetic by adorning it with greenery and organic materials, including multiple potted plants, decorative objects like glass bottles, and woven baskets.

Few pieces of countertop furniture don't benefit from a strong dose of green, so use your sideboard as a canvas to arrange a variety of indoor plants to create a mini-rainforest. To give your eating area depth and interest and a relaxing impact, vary the leaf varieties, heights, and foliage density. Alternatively, if you're feeling very daring, add a splash of color by including some flowers or a flowering plant. These make incredibly attractive cabinet top decorations.

Utilize the Area Above

Vases, books, and other decorative items are arranged on an oval, tamed door side table.

Of course, the wall above the sideboard as well as the sideboard itself require styling. You can put your artwork, family photos, or other interesting pictures here at the ideal location. A piece of art or a mirror placed against a sideboard in the middle can enliven the area. A perfect viewing gallery where you may also mirror the design and color scheme of the piece itself, the sideboard will frame the wall above it. With the extra benefit of storage possibilities for the counter top and tabletop, this will provide the appearance of a feature wall.

Serving Ware and a Display Table

Yes, in the past, the sideboard was where you kept your "best" serving ware or other items you didn't necessarily want guests to view. Well, times have changed, and service and tableware can now also be considered fashion accessories in their own right.  Additionally, large and striking serving dishes can serve as tabletop decorations.

Make a Conversational Opening

Decorating the sideboard is also a great opportunity to showcase your discussion starter. This might be anything from a humorous photo to a unique vacation memento. A terrific top of the cabinet décor tip is to display something intriguing on the sideboard to get your guests talking.

As you can see, there are many sideboard decoration ideas available to assist you in giving this most practical of furniture pieces a much wider range of uses than simply storing plates. You can truly make the sideboard the focus of attention with a thoughtful selection of tabletop decorations or functional pieces, some organic influence, and a thoughtfully curated wall.