Moving is a lot of effort! Everyone Should Know about Dos and Don'ts

Be cautious with those heirlooms! Why not wrap them in bedsheets, towels, and clothes instead of paper? That will be one less thing to transport, plus it is an environmentally responsible option! Plants should also be moved ahead of time since they take up a lot of room in a truck and cannot be heaped up.

Label your containers

AND only put items in the same box that belong together. When packing, proceed room by room and clearly mark each box with the room and the category (for example, "Kitchen - Pots & Pans" or "Office - Supplies").

Arrange for someone to guide the movers at both the new and old locations.

This should be simple after you've correctly labelled your boxes! Before you go, go over your "inventory" to ensure you don't leave anything behind and explain what you have to the movers. Simply let folks know where the rooms are at the new location, since your marked boxes must go in the correct room!

For little and heavy products, use small boxes; for bulky and light items, use big boxes.

It's happened to all of us: you're assisting a buddy with a move and are forced to deal with a big box. To your chagrin, the crate is labelled "Books." Don't be like that.

Take some time off to unpack and tidy your new home.

Moving is a difficult process, and the sooner you're established in your new home, the sooner you can rest and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Place all of your cleaning supplies in a box.

You'll want to tidy your former apartment before you go, since you're a kind person! Keep some cleaning supplies on hand, such as disinfectant spray, paper towels, bathroom cleanser, sponges, a mop, and a broom, so when the large work is over, and you can tackle those irritating tiny corners.

Stuffing too much into a box

Everyone's greatest nightmare: the box fails, and your prized possessions tumble to the rough pavement and shatter. Let us save you some pain, will we? Load a box with just what it can carry and make sure it can shut at a correct angle, so boxes may be stacked up easily on the truck.

Obstruct movers while they are moving items.

Simply instruct them. You've got the easy job!

Avoid watering your plants too close to the relocation.

Freshly watered plants weigh more and may leak all over your vehicle. To prevent these problems, water your plants at least 48 hours before the relocation. But don't forget to show them some love after they've moved in!

Forget about any other storage areas you may have.

Have you searched EVERYWHERE? But what about that strange cubby in that neglected corner? Yes, I thought so.