How to Choose the Right Pillow for Your Home

The ideal sleeping environment can help you fall asleep faster, remain asleep longer, and feel more rested. However, determining the finest pillow (or pillows) for you can be complicated. From size and firmness to shape and substance, you have various options.

The ideal pillow is a matter of personal preference. One or several? Big and plump or small and lean? What matters most is what's on the inside, as your mother always said. Our pillows are stuffed with all-natural down or down-alternative filling and come in gentle, medium, and firm fill options. They are encased in a 100% sateen cotton shell for comfort and protection. Our side sleeper pillow option breaks the wake-up, turn, and fluff cycle associated with side sleeping on a standard pillow. In light of this, here is a guide to selecting the ideal parachutist pillow for your sleeping preferences: Soft, medium, or firm.

What Size Bed Pillow Do You Need?

Typically, pillows are selected after a mattress. Why? Similar to sheets and comforters, they correspond to the dimensions of your bed. You should know about Classico Roma's various pillow insert measurements and sizes.

What is the standard pillow size?

The dimensions of a standard pillow are 20 by 26 inches. The versatile size matches twin, twin XL (extra-long), full, and queen mattresses. People typically use two standard pillows for full and queen beds and one standard pillow for twin beds. (Therefore, various sheet and duvet cover sizes include one or two pillowcases.)

Compared to Queen Pillows

How big is a queen-sized pillow? The dimensions of a queen-sized pad are 20 by 30 inches. Despite being a few inches longer than conventional pillows, the two are essentially interchangeable. Standard pillowcases suit queen pillows and vice versa, so there is no need for larger pillowcases.

How Big Is a King-Sized Pillow?

The dimensions of a king-sized pillow are 20 by 36 inches. A pair 10 inches longer than the standard pillow dimension fits on king and California king beds side by side.

What is the Size of a Euro Pillow?

Similar to decorative pillow sizes, European pillow sizes differ, but their shapes are nearly always square. The dimensions of a Euro pillow from Classico Roma are 26 by 26 inches. Twin beds typically require one, while full, queen, and king beds appear best with two.

What Dimensions Does a Body Pillow Have?

Body pillow proportions vary, with the majority measuring approximately 54 by 20 inches. The extended, oversized design can be utilized on any size bed for support, adornment, or both.

Combining Different Pillow Sizes

Pillow sizes can be mixed and matched to create the desired look or feel. While standard pillows are typically used on twin and queen mattresses and king pillows are required for larger beds, pillow sizes can be mixed and matched to create the desired look or feel. You may utilize a standard pillow for resting, a king pillow for reading in bed, and a Euro pillow for decorative purposes. Then, throw on a body pillow, which can provide support while you sleep, and add style to your bed when you make it.

Determine Your Pillow Fill

Anything can be packed into a pillow. We wanted to create a comfortable and simple buffer, so we ruled out ultra-natural materials such as buckwheat and horsehair. Additionally, we required that our pillows remain cool in warm temperatures without becoming stiff when the temperature drops, thus eradicating memory foam and latex. Therefore, we designed two fill options: natural European White Down and a premium microfiber alternative to Down.

Down Cushions

Downfall has maintained popularity for a good reason: it offers the best of both environments. It is sturdy and resilient but also airy and light. The down pillows at Classico Roma have a fill power of 750, translating to a substantial fill with a high percentage of down clusters and larger than average down cluster size (also known as the "dream zone").

Alternative down pillows

If you have pollen or seasonal allergies or prefer vegan home furnishings, a feather-filled mattress may cause you to sneeze while you sleep. A hypoallergenic down alternative pillow is your best option. Modern microfiber filling (such as that utilized by Classico Roma) replicates the density of pure down and provides support without irritating sensitive systems.

What Regarding the Euro?

Euro pillows are the key to an elegantly outfitted bed. Add a layer of comfort and support to your bed with a luxurious Euro. Our euro pillows are filled with feathers and down to a lesser extent than for sleeping.

How to Select a Pillow According to Your Sleep Style

The primary function of a pillow is to align the head and neck with the vertebrae while you sleep. You probably stare at the screen on your workstation or in your hand throughout the day. This places tremendous strain on your neck, which accounts for up to 17 percent of your spine (fun fact). Rest your neck and ensure that it is properly aligned. Your sleep pattern determines the type of support you require, so let's begin there.